The BoilerGuardian system is made up three parts:

  1. A Guardian beacon which is connected to your boiler.
  2. A cloud-based app that lets you monitor your boiler anywhere, anytime.
  3. A data analytics engine that detects failures before they happen and predicts your energy usage.

Guardian Beacon 

This is a small monitoring device that is fitted to the pipework under your boiler. The beacon can be fitted to any boiler, no matter how old, what brand or model it is – and because it is not fitted internally it does not invalidate any boiler warranties.

The beacon measures a range of aspects relating to the temperature and pressure of the boiler, it can also monitor ambient aspects such as the room temperature, Carbon Monoxide levels (to supplement any primary CO monitoring devices) and gas detection.

BoilerGuardian Cloud-based App

Central to BoilerGuardian is a cloud-based app that you access via your mobile device or computer. The BoilerGuardian app lets you to see the live status of your boiler whenever and wherever you are.

Boilerguardian will alert you, by email or text, if anything significant happens. For example, you’ll get an amber warning if your boiler is losing pressure, which could indicate a small leak or issue within the boiler.  A more serious or rapid loss of pressure will produce a red warning, which could indicate a burst pipe. All these warnings come with advice on potential actions you should take. This puts knowledge into the hands of home owners.

BoilerGuardian also enables carers of vulnerable adults to remotely monitor the status of a boiler ensuring that a house is kept at the right temperature whilst enabling independence for the vulnerable adult.

BoilerGuardian Data Analytics

The data the BoilerGuardian system collects offers a wealth of benefits and visibility of the performance of your boiler. It can also provide real time and historical data for heating engineers enabling them to identify and address any issues ahead of time and identify the need of replacement parts ahead of an onsite visit. 

For owners of multiple boilers there is a management tool that enables you to monitor multiple boilers, at different locations from one place. 

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