Domestic Properties

Domestic home owners want to keep their homes warm when it’s cold, and have hot water when they need it without spending more money than necessary.
This simple approach has driven the main features of the BoilerGuardian for domestic properties.
BoilerGuardian is fitted to a domestic boiler and is easily monitored via your mobile device.

Commercial Properties

Shops & small offices that have a standalone gas-fired boiler can also get benefits of BoilerGuardian.
Maintaining constant heat can be critical for commercial properties that attract footfall from the public; also there are legal requirements on business to provide minimal temperature for working conditions. The last thing you want is to have to close your shop or office because it’s too cold to be used!
BoilerGuardian enables you, as the business owner, to proactively monitor the heating in your workplace and ensure your doors remain open no matter the weather outside.

Multiple Properties – private & public property managers

Monitoring and looking after one boiler can be difficult for property managers in both the private and public sector. This headache is multiplied when dealing with 100s or even 1000s of boilers.
Currently the only way to manage these boilers is waiting for them to fail.
BoilerGuardian enables multiple boilers to be monitored from one place. It enables property managers to proactively look at the boilers they have installed and schedule maintenance resources to maximise their activities whilst minimising costs.

Love Your Boiler