At SwitchThat we believe this is how you should feel about your boiler: Relaxed. No worries. Warm.

Of all the appliances in the home no one picks it as their favourite. However, the humble central heating boiler consumes nearly 60% of the energy costs for an average house in the UK.

Our goal is to make all boilers, no matter the age, brand or type, easy to maintain, cheaper to run and as energy efficient as possible.

Our vision is for people to love their boiler.

Why Boilers?

Boilers are not the most popular appliance in the house – if people were to vote on it, we don’t think they’d even come in the top 10! The one list they do come to top of though is “problems in the home.” Everyone has a story of a time when their boiler stopped working at the worst possible time. We want these stories to be a thing of the past.

Boilers are also the appliance that consumes the most energy in the home; up to 60% of annual domestic energy consumption is down to heating the home and providing hot water.  What’s interesting is how difficult it is to get an exact number. This is where BoilerGuardian can help.

Why are boilers such a problem?

  • Many boilers have been in place for over 10 years. Often unknown to the house owner, boilers are not always fitted correctly. During our pilot schemes we have identified problems in 8 out of 10 boiler installs, ranging from family homes with boilers that have been working for nearly 20 years to new houses and newly installed boilers that are constantly heating the water. 
  • People will often take out an expensive annual service plan, with costs of up to £800 a year. These service plans only proactively look at the system once a year, leaving 364 days when things can go wrong and you won’t know until you’re left with a cold house or no hot water.

Introducing BoilerGuardian

How would you like to have up-to-the-minute information on how your boiler is doing, and early warnings before things go wrong?

BoilerGuardian is the equivalent of having a heating engineering checking your boiler every minute of every day for about sixth of the cost of an expensive service plan! It also monitors your boiler when you are away from home and alerts you to any changes or issues.

It is especially ideal if you are responsible for a large number of boilers, such as a large Landlord, Housing Association or Council, and need to be proactive.

The Company

SwitchThat is a UK based company looking at how to help domestic and commercial boilers run as they are designed, cheaper and with greater energy efficiency. 

SwitchThat started building smart home apps but soon realised that one of the areas that has limited support is boilers. Ask most people and they have a “boiler story” when they have had no heating or hot water and at the times when they need it most. Our aim is for these stories to be a thing of the past. 

SwitchThat want to identify the potential problems before they happen. This means preventative maintenance can be done to enable a boiler to remain working and takes away the guess work of “is my boiler going to work on a cold day.”

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